Let's chaturbate today... Edelwiess

The second performer we want to review on Chaturbates is Edelweiss.

This 22 year old beauty, has, to put it in her own words, a curvylicious body.
And do we love those curves!
Edelweiss is all about laughs, dance, tease, and getting frisky!
Her naughty giggle alone will make you desire her even more.
She has a sparkling personality and is a quality Malteaser.
You wont find a girl so curvylicious, spontaneous and desirable anywhere else!

What makes it even hotter, more mysterious and desirable, is the fact Edelweiss doesn't show her face on cam.
Her comment on this: The reasons are private but you can consider i'm fugly:)
Well, we think she is an angel, escaped from heaven, and obvious we would see the halo above her head if she was to show her face...

Of course i could write how great sense of humour she has, how her naughty giggles make me want her even more, but you should go check out yourself.

Where you ask me? Well click the link: Edelweiss on Chaturbate

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Happy Chaturbating!


  1. edelwiess is one if the nicest,beatiful ladies on here she goes out of her way to try and greet everyone who inters her room. abeautiful and wonderful lady whos laugh will melt you, and i am truly honored to call her my friend. i recommend all to go and enjoy the wonderful edelweiss when they can,you wont be dissappointed

    forever a fan

  2. Well said Coyh. Ive only been on Chatubate for two days but I've seen a fair few women their and I'd have to say Angie is the hottest and most fun I've seen and will probably ever see.


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