Chaturbate building a fan base

So you did your first show on Chaturbate, or are about to, or maybe done a lot of them already, and you want more visitors when you're broadcasting.

Well Chaturbate has some tools you can use to promote your broadcasts and get a following of regular visitors.
First of all ask your fans to follow you, so they get an email when you start your show.
Of course there are more ways to build up an audience.

Thanks to social media, meeting places like Friendster, Hi5, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc. you can develop your own regulars. We recommend every performer get on at least one, or more social media sites.

Use those media sites to inform your fans when you’ll be online next.
So as an example, make a twitter account with your performer name.
Put a link to your room in your profile and remember to upload a nice (non nude!) picture on your profile.
Also make it unique, upload a nice background and make it pretty and nice too look at.
Than tweet at least two times before a show.
An half hour or so, before you go online tweet a short message with a link to your room like:
i will be online in 30! Feeling naughty already!

Make sure you use your affiliate link, so you will get tokens, or even better money from any new registered member that follows your link!

It will give people time to make arrangements to see your show.

Tweet again when your online, or about to start your show.
You could even use an app like tweetdeck to make it easier, or a service like twuffer to even automate it!

Promote your twitter on your Bio page, and be sure to tell your viewers to follow you in the chat, you should at least ask them to follow you at the beginning and end of each show.
It is a simple concept that will give you a following of several hundred if not thousand or more followers!

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Happy chaturbating!

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