Stop censorship, stop SOPA & PIPA

Fight the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act.
The two acts would give unprecedented power to the government of the United States to order blocking and takedown notices of foreign websites that they found to be infringing on copyrighted material such as movies and music.
Big Hollywood is the driving force behind the bill.

Legislation like Sopa, or its US Senate companion, the Protect IP Act (Pipa) – and a host of activities around the world – share a common goal.
These "fixes" are designed to wrest control of these tools from the masses and recentralize what has promised to be the most open means of communication and collaboration ever invented.
In short censorship!

Why is it bad for you and me?
Number one, they want to restrict your information.
If enacted into law, someone could shut any site down overnight, and own the domain name!

Secondly, right now there is no limit on the creative freedom any one has to create new sites. Sure, a lot of them are crap.
But many of them are gems and make your daily life a lot easier.
SOPA/PIPA will choke innovation. And the costs of innovation will increase, making the use of the web more expensive for you.

Thirdly, who are the biggest supporters of SOPA/PIPA?
The media industry.
Hollywood is for it because they are sick and tired of the amount of online piracy that goes on. Will SOPA stop it?
The answer is a resounding NO. People will still pirate, download and reprint stuff that’s not theirs. 

The media industry is terrified of the continued assault on its loss of distribution control. They want to dictate what you watch and listen to, when you do it and how it happens. However, technology is moving so fast that they are losing.
Their answer isn’t to adapt and find new ways to profit off the new technology, but legislate a regulatory barrier to entry to stop innovation.

Much easier is it to try and buy some legislation in Washington.

I highly encourage you to contact your elected representatives and tell them to vote against SOPA/PIPA. It will kill innovation, kill information and most of all, kill your freedom.

It already started...
Twitter announced Thursday that it can now block tweets, as well as individual accounts, from appearing to users in specific countries, and that it may use the feature to comply with governments' request to censor information. Before, Twitter could only block tweets and accounts globally.

Since the news broke, the idea of a user-led Twitter blackout has been gaining much support.
So: “I WILL NOT TWEET on Saturday Jan 28th for the whole day. Who wants to join?”

Click the little black ribbon in the upper corner of the screen and learn more about it.

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