Sometimes it's like people have completely lost their minds.
Have people forgotten that they're chatting with real, live people in chatrooms?
Why do i say this?
Well it seems like a lot of people these days don't even treat others with the most common of courtesies.

Just as in real life, there are some things that you do and some things that you don't do in chatting.
If you are relatively new to chatting, reading the following will help you understand the unwritten rules or "etiquette" of chat and help you not only to communicate with others,
but stand out in a positive way.

Don't idle or lurk in a chatroom.
When you are in a chatroom, do take part in the conversation.
Don't join a chatroom and then leave without saying something.
It is considered impolite to enter a chatroom and then leave without saying something.
If you are going to be away from your computer for a short time, tell the other users.
If you are a new, be polite, and show respect for the performers and other users.

Don't talk in CAPITAL LETTERS.
In a chatroom, using a lot of CAPITALS or UPPER CASE is seen as shouting.
Many people find it annoying when a user types entirely in capitals.
I consider it plain rude.
Don't use excessive colours/smillies or pictures in the chat.
In most chatrooms it could be considered a flood or spam and you might be kicked out.

Be patient.
Try to be patient and wait if a performer is slow to respond to you during a chat conversation. Remember that this is a person and they may have other things to do at the same time.
They could be in a private chat or may just have missed what you where saying.

No demands!
Never demand things from the performer, if you tip, than you can ask them for something.
If you want someting ask before tipping, best thing is to let the performer do there thing, use the tips as a compliment.
Again you are chatting with real, live people, not barking commands at a dog!

Read the bio.
Don't be the dumb ass asking answeres to questions that are clearly stated in the performers bio.
You will only irritate the performers and other guests.
Take a minute to read it, and maybe even react on it,
some performers have a very funny Bio.

Be friendly, be polite, be considerate
Remember that these are real people you are chatting with.
They may have different opinions to you, and come from very different cultures.
Treat them properly and respect their opinions, and they will treat you the same.

Follow my advice and pass this message on to others,
and maybe chaturbating will be a better experience for all of us.
Now you learned the basics go and chat on Chaturbate!

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Happy Chaturbating! 


  1. CHATIQUETTE ♥ love this! check it out, & props to @chaturbates

  2. Great post, but unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. Nobody ever listens to what I say, and I have just about the same thing in my bio. Thanks for posting this, though.

  3. lol ouch, but it's true. too many guys come here and its demands, begging, graphics, and all other assorted rudeness and stupidity. *sigh* but take heart ladies, some guys (that includes greys) read bios and can follow the rules. ;)

  4. thanks for the info great blog, personally i prefer chaturbate to myfreecams any day

  5. unfortunately like mercyrain said respect is long forgotten in chaturbate and sum people are mad i demand respect from greys, blues, and even other moderators that are supposed to be helping the models. and chaturbate condones this by site silencing me without the right to defend my self. 15 years i have been online and it wont change a-holes will always be there and people like me will always be there to fight the fight for those who wont or cant.. free peace_rude from site silence xoxoxo

  6. thanks for the blog very helpful

  7. Users think, if you walked up to a women, and made a rude comment "hey babe Iet me see your p***y"
    You would go to jail or get shot. Don't make me shoot you!!!!!!!!! Mods thank you for hard work!
    Women thank you for putting up with me;)



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