Managing and blocking your audience

As a broadcasters you have the upper hand on Chaturbate by deciding who can enter your room.
You can manage who you want in your room and who you do not want as an audience.

You should use these wisely, specially if you want to be performer of the hour.
Press the my profile button in the upper right corner, than press the Settings and Privacy tab.
Now to Broadcaster Settings, the first option is: List my cam on the home page.
If you want people to come and watch you, you should have this on yes.
Else you won't show up on the front page and pages where the online performers are listed.

The second option is: Show my cam to these genders.
Here you can choose who can view you by gender.
If you want a lot of viewers, choose them all.

The third option is: Password required for others to view your cam.
Well you only use this option if you gave some one, or a group of people, your password and want only them to see your broadcast.

The fourth option is: Which users may chat.
There are a couple of options to choose from: All Users/ Users who have tipped me today/ Users who have tipped me at anytime/ Users who have tokens
Here you can filter out users, be warned it will reduce your chances to become performer of the hour, and should be used as less as possible.

The fifth option is: Block access to users in these countries.
This is to block viewers from a particular country.
You can block as many countries as you like.

Chaturbate also added a fifth option: Block access to users in these US States.
Now you can pick which states you want to block in addition to the country block.

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Happy Chaturbating!

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